Westerlee News

Westerlee News


Welcome to Westerlee! We’re a very small, beautiful, covenant-controlled community in Catonsville. We’re located in western Baltimore County, Maryland. It’s adjacent to the beautiful Patapsco Park, Hollofield Area. Because of this, we will often see wonderful wildlife in our yards. We’ve seen coyote, badgers, deer, foxes, and groundhogs, to name a few. It is a lovely, serene, tree-lined community, with some streets that have no sidewalks. It’s a great place to go for a walk.

Westerlee comprises the best of both worlds: it is just two blocks north of Baltimore National Pike, a major link to the western part of the State, and to downtown Baltimore. As such, it is a major thoroughfare. Yet, two blocks north, where we are, you’ll find our very quiet suburban neighborhood.

Our community is very diverse: young and old, American-born, and foreign-born all live here. We are a community where race or creed don’t matter (what does matter is whether you are nice to your neighbors or not); where most neighbors still look out for one another; and where trees line the sidewalks (where there are sidewalks!). It’s an ever-changing community- with new and younger life constantly coming in as the elder folk move on to new adventures.

We encourage you to learn more about us: by perusing our website, reading about what’s important to us, looking at some photos of our lovely homes built in the late 1950’s, and just garnering a sense of who we are. As you go through these pages, you’ll see links other than those in this left hand column leading you deeper and deeper into our community. On each page there’s a “search box” so, if you don’t remember where you saw something, you can just type it in and you’ll find it… Don’t be afraid to explore!

Check out the “What’s Happening Now” page for the latest information on upcoming events: We encourage you to become a board member, a committee member, a block captain, or- just let us know your suggestions to improve and sustain our wonderful community. Feel free to provide comments and suggestions to board members directly or through the website.